July 4th-10th

Portobello Shawarma Wraps
Mushrooms make the perfect filling in this plant-based shawarma. The delicious mix of spices, meaty mushrooms, and crisp veggies and toppings all wrapped together will satisfy your shawarma craving! View Recipe Card View Ingredient List
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Vegan Ricotta Cannelloni
Sometimes it's good to just stick to the classics, like this cannelloni! For our plant-based version, we stuffed our cannelloni with tofu ricotta and baked them in a tomato sauce, drizzled in creamy cashew cheese sauce. View Recipe Card View...
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Vermicelli Noodle Japchae
Japchae is a traditional Korean noodle dish with tons of vegetables. Brown rice vermicelli noodles get tossed in a ginger sesame sauce and top with sautéed mushrooms, bok choy, purple cabbage and spinach. To finish it off, we added fresh...
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