November 1st-7th

Sushi Burrito
Everything you love about sushi wrapped up in a veggie-packed nori-sheet “burrito”. Grated tofu is marinated in tamari and rice vinegar and paired with creamy avocado, crunchy fresh vegetables, and perfectly spicy vegan sriracha mayo. View Recipe Card View Ingredient...
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Super Green Pesto Pasta
A plant-based pesto pasta that’s equal parts vegetables and noodles. The creamy cashew-hemp pesto, finely diced broccoli and kale with tender green peas come together to make an extra satisfying meal. View Recipe Card View Ingredients
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Harissa Vegetable Tray Bake
Fluffy white rice and steamed greens are the perfect accompaniment to the spicy roasted vegetables and the bright creamy lemon tahini sauce. View Recipe Card View Ingredient List
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