About Us

Crisper is Toronto’s first and only zero waste and plant-based meal kit service, delivering fresh ingredients and tasty recipes in reusable and returnable packaging.

Our guiding principle is conscious convenience: ready-to-cook meals delivered to your door without the cost to the environment. Crisper kits are packed in high quality reusable containers that we retrieve from your doorstep.

When you subscribe to Crisper, you’ll receive a kit of pre-portioned groceries with recipe cards every week. You choose the number of meals, and we provide the exact amount of food with step-by-step instructions. Our recipes are tasty, fast, and suited for any level of experience in the kitchen.

The major meal kit companies offer few plant-based options and create mountains of plastic waste from single-use packaging.

Crisper kits help you:

  • Save time spent meal planning and grocery shopping
  • Waste less food with perfectly portioned ingredients
  • Reduce plastic waste
  • Maintain a plant-based diet
We believe that when it comes to eating well, you shouldn’t have to choose between the planet and your plate.

Our Subscription Service

We chose to make Crisper a subscription service because it’s best suited to an environmentally sustainable model, by allowing us to collect your empty kit every week on the day of your next delivery.

We’re committed to providing a convenient experience that suits you, and that’s why our subscriptions are fully customizable to fit your changing schedule. You can pause, skip a week, or cancel the subscription yourself at any time, just by logging into your account online.

Why Zero Waste?

The accumulation of plastic in our oceans, natural areas, and even our bodies is a huge global challenge.

Recycling programs help us feel like we’re taking care of the problem, but in Canada only 9% of our 3.2 million tonnes of yearly plastic waste actually gets recycled.The other 2.8 million - or 24 CN Towers worth - ends up in Canadian landfills.

The only effective way to get rid of plastic waste is to stop using it in the first place!

We use high quality containers that we’ll retrieve from your doorstep every week. Just rinse and leave your kit outside on the day of your next delivery, and we’ll give you $5 off your next kit.

We will never send you any single-use packaging, and we’re committed to eliminating waste from our supply chain.

Why Plant-Based?

Reducing or eliminating meat from our diets is one of the most environmentally impactful choices we can make as consumers, and that’s why our meal kits are 100% plant-based!

Our recipes are designed to give you the protein and nutrients of a healthy diet, all packed into a delicious meal. So whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, trying to eat less meat, or just looking for something new, Crisper Kits make it easy to add some plant-based variety to your diet!