May 8th-14th

Almond Ricotta Zucchini Roll Ups
These are perfect for when you’re craving classic Italian flavours, but something light and nourishing at the same time. Fluffy almond ricotta gets wrapped up in thinly sliced tender zucchini, and baked with marinara sauce. Paired with a balsamic salad...
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Mediterranean Romesco Platter
A super easy meal that comes together in under 30 minutes, and chock full of different flavours and textures. Protein-packed quinoa, fresh parsley, crunchy cucumber, briny olives, juicy cherry tomatoes, tender roasted asparagus, soft pita and the most delicious romesco...
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Our plant-based take on the classic Cuban dish. Full of vegetables, and paired with sautéed swiss chard and mashed avocado for extra vegan goodness. We like to use the chips to scoop up the ingredients like nachos for the perfect...
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Yaki Onigiri (Rice Balls)
Yaki onigiri is a Japanese dish made from fried sticky rice. These rice balls are served over a shredded veggie salad with a rice vinegar and chili oil dressing, making a unique and colourful meal! View Recipe Card View Ingredient...
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